Friday, 18 May 2018


Sailing at Okahu Bay

On Tuesday the 15th of May, 24 students from Glenbrae school went sailing.
There were 4 people who helped us how set up the sailing boat and their
names were Justin, Maria, Gavin and Gary. Miss Smith was on a boat with
Maria helping other students, and Justin who was our other instructor was
on another boat. Through the day, it was really hard sailing because we needed
to have two people in a sailing boat holding a rope, and one holding the
pulpit. After Justin had  taught us, we had our morning tea. After our yummy
morning tea, we went in the water. I was so afraid and excited, but mostly
afraid. We then sailed for a long time before we  had lunch We had some
lunch and went back into the water. This time, we went through a lot of waves.
I was cold.

When we were in the deep part of the Okahu Bay, we had to sail back to shore.
After sailing back to shore, we put our boats on the shore. Then  we went to
change into our comfy clothes again. We then filled out some forms for Justin
and then Telesia said a great big thank you. After that  we had a reflection on
our day at Okahu Bay with all our sailing instructors. Then we came back to
Glenbrae School in the bus.

I had fun because we went in the deep water and Jesell and I fell over in the
water.  I felt great and want to come back there next May!. A big thank you
to the Rotary Club for making this trip possible for Glenbrae Students.

By Kalolaine

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  1. Well done Kalo. You have written down a good recount of you day at Okahu Bay with the Sailing instructors and members of the Rotary club. I wonder why you all had to dress up in red costumes. I really want to know. Keep up with your good work.


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