Monday, 11 February 2019

Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day
Friday at Glenbrae School was a water fun day.
As a viewer I watched kids having fun at the different activity stations.
Lots of wet bodies roasting in the hot scorching sun.
Laughter, and hi-fives all around!
I wish I had brought my togs because I missed out on  getting wet
and having fun.

By Jason

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Use your WITS

This movie is about a student who was being bullied by one of his classmates during playtime. Finally the student finds courage to stand up for himself with the help of his friends and gets the problem resolved. Use your

W - walk away
 I - ignore
 T - tell someone
 S - stand up for yourself

 and solve your problems by yourself.

We hope you all will enjoy this movie.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Mobile Library Bus

I was feeling excited to see that the library bus from Glen Innes come to our school for the first time. Mr Nath called 3,2,1  and I quickly put my netbook in my desk and quietly got into a line. We all walked to the car park and we could see Erika our librarian  standing at the door waiting for us. When we walked into the library buse saw a lot of books. Erika  introduced Bert, the driver of  the library bus to us.  After Erika finished the introductions, we walked  up to the children's area were all the fiction and non-fiction books were.

Next Mr Nath called each student to come and get there library card. Then we all had to pick two books from the children's area,  Then Erika  called us down to the adult area. The numbered books were the fiction books and the ones with no numbers were the non-fiction books. Most of the year 7’s went down to the adult area and picked non-fiction books.

I can't wait until the next library bus comes back next month, because we all get to pick two more books. It was very fun and exciting to read through some interesting books.

Bianca. T

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Title: MOTAT
Our trip to the MOTAT to learn about lights was an event I could not wait to go to. Finally it was  Thursday and I was very excited.

We were organised into groups and I was with Miss Atuahiva,  Saia, Kalo, Bianca, Kestrel, AJ. The bendy bus took us down to the MOTAT. Cathryn, the MOTAT educator met us at the gate and took us down to our assembly area. She briefed us about the programme for the day. Then  we had our morning tea.

After a satisfying morning tea, it was  time to explore the MOTAT on our own with our adult leaders. First my group went to look at some machines. It was really cool there. Then we saw a huge wheel.  We went outside to another building and we saw telephones from the olden days. I was so amazed to know  that it still worked, I was so excited to call my friend Kalo and Bianca, but when I called Kalo I didn’t know how to use the telephone.  I was glad that Kalo and I  saw one that work. It was a black telephone on the wall. We  just pushed 3 buttons and surprisingly it  worked so Kalo and I  chatted for a while until  Miss Atuahiva called us.  My group and I went to a mural  that said “I aroha Motat”. Miss Atuahiva took a picture of us at the mural.

Then it was lunch time and we went back to the meeting area to have our lunch. After lunch we went on a  scavenger hunt around. the MOTAT. Miss Atuahiva got a map from the container and we first went to the olden day houses.  The first house we went was Sgt. Quinlans Fencible cottage. The things we needed to look for in the houses or cottages were eggs, beds, kettles, candles, dolls, teapots, washing board and the fireplace. At  the fireplace we also saw  ladders, helmets, badges, boots, axes, wheels and trucks.

The part that I liked about our trip was the electric tram, because it was interesting and I was amazed that it was really old and it still worked. Mr. Eliot was the driver of the electric tram. He drove us to the MOTAT 2. On the way back to MOTAT 1, Mr. Eliot spoke to us about the history of the tram.
I loved the steam tram ride.

Finally Cathryn will took us to the room where we learnt about different kinds of lights.  There was a natural light, which is from the sun or the lightning and there is manmade light, which people made.  At the end of seeing the lights, Cathryn asked us what the three primary colors of light were and it  the was red, green and blue. After that we thanked Cathryn and walked back to our assembly area to gather our bags.

Finally, we lined up at the gate to get on to the bendy  on the bus again for our journey back to school. When  we arrived at  school,  Miss Elia greeted us and asked us how the trip was. We were all excited to talk to her about the trip.

I really enjoyed my day at the MOTAT and I learnt a lot about lights and how to make different colours of light by mixing red, blue and red lights. It was one of the best trips I had so far.

By Dwyane

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Life Education

On Tuesday we had our first life education lesson in a caravan. First we talked about  the things that worried us and we rote it down on a sheet of paper. This was a group activity.

Our second session was on Wednesday. We  talked about social,  physical and emotional changes  our bodies went through as we grew up from being a child to adolescence.  We all were given these cards that had the statements about  emotional , social and  physical changes in our body. We had to place these statements in the correct places on the wall that had the three labels on it.

On Thursday  we had our last session. In this session  we talked about  how our brain sends signals to different parts of the body when we are in danger.  The amygdala is like a little warrior in our brain that detects danger and sends signals to the body  and it makes us stronger.
Image result for nicole fonua

This is Nicole Fonua. She is a Life Education tutor who took our three sessions.

By Tu'inukue'a

Duffy Assembly

               Duffy role model Assembly
Yesterday the whole school went to the school hall for  the  Duffy Role Model assembly. Our role model was Ronel Schodt.  She is a very tall lady and is 6 foot 4 inches tall.  Ronel was a very good Netball player  and she played for South Africa and Zimbabwe. She showed us a very amazing book where the characters seemed to come alive when an app. form the ipad was zoomed over the pictures in the book. I am looking forward to read the Zingoshi Chronicles when they are published soon.
 Related image

Ronel Schodt with one of her books.

By Ngakiri

Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day Friday at Glenbrae School was a water fun day. As a viewer I watched kids having fun at the different activity stations. ...