Tuesday, 21 August 2018

How to make fake blood?

What do you need to make fake blood?


1. Corn Syrup
2. Red food colouring
3. Yellow or green food colouring
4. Water
5. Aquarium Tube

 Things  you need to  do:

Pour one cup of corn syrup into a cup or bowl.
Then pour inside two tablespoons of red food colouring with one teaspoon of green or possibly yellow food colouring.
Next, pour in a tablespoon of water inside a bowl or cup.
After that, get an aquarium tube as a sort of pump.
Stick the tube inside the fake blood mixture and siphon it into the tubing by inserting one end and then basically making a long straw out of it using the other.
Then attach the aquarium cubing to your arm, if you have a bracelet or anything around your hand, it can fasten it down.
Now blow on the straw or the tubing, the blood comes down either end.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson today about how to make fake blood! Hopefully you've learned something really fun to do. You can prank your classmates or even your family members.

By Anastacia

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas New Zealand Cavemen - Interviewed by Susan Paris

For the past two weeks I have been reading about a man named Marcus Thomas. Marcus Thomas is a man who has been on a lot of adventures in caves.  Marcus Thomas explored the longest cave in New Zealand that is the Waitomo Cave

This book explains to the readers how to be safe and what one would be needing when going into a cave. To learn more about caving, I would suggest that you read the story about Marcus.

The caving equipment one would need are:
boots because it may be dirty in the caves
a climbing rope so you can go deeper into a cave and so you can make a way out of the cave
, a head lamp - one of the most important equipment so you can see through the darkness inside 
a helmet  to protect your head from falling rocks  and a compass so you don’t get lost
a climbing harness so it’s not too difficult to climb ropes
a tape measure and overalls

By Tyra

Designed for Good by Philip Cleaver

 School Journal May 2017
Designed for Good by Philip Cleaver

This article is about a group of classmates who decided to design and build a trap to catch possums that were damaging the plants.

The idea came into their mind when Craig Bond, one of the designers got a   flat tyre while driving around. He was helped by a stranger who helped him by using a small canister of compressed gas to inflate the tyre.

After studying all the different types of traps, they decided to build a trap that was  affordable, easy to carry and would be reliable and last long.

In 2010 they finally made a trap that they were happy with. It was gas powered and it had a digital counter as well.

By Bianca, Ezekiel, Kalolaine, Kestrel, Kupid, Lesieli, Mahoney and Stanisloe

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Science Intensive - Making things glow

Today Room ten has been doing science Intensive with Mrs. Tofa, and so far I'm having fun learning how to make things glow in the dark. To experience if it actually worked, we got some plastic cups from Mrs. Tofa and filled it up halfway with fresh clean water. We then got different coloured highlighters to put in the cups which was filled with water. After that, we went into a dark room to see if it worked, It was so amusing. I loved the way it actually glowed. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

By Anastacia

Tuesday, 22 May 2018



Yesterday we had clubs. I am in Mr Nath’s club which is drumming. Yesterday we practised a  four and five beat. Then we made a cool rhythm together. The next time we do clubs we are going to practise a 6,7 and 8 beat and that’s what we did yesterday at clubs.

By Ezekiel

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Sailing at Okahu Bay

On Tuesday the 15th of May, 24 students from Glenbrae school went sailing.
There were 4 people who helped us how set up the sailing boat and their
names were Justin, Maria, Gavin and Gary. Miss Smith was on a boat with
Maria helping other students, and Justin who was our other instructor was
on another boat. Through the day, it was really hard sailing because we needed
to have two people in a sailing boat holding a rope, and one holding the
pulpit. After Justin had  taught us, we had our morning tea. After our yummy
morning tea, we went in the water. I was so afraid and excited, but mostly
afraid. We then sailed for a long time before we  had lunch We had some
lunch and went back into the water. This time, we went through a lot of waves.
I was cold.

When we were in the deep part of the Okahu Bay, we had to sail back to shore.
After sailing back to shore, we put our boats on the shore. Then  we went to
change into our comfy clothes again. We then filled out some forms for Justin
and then Telesia said a great big thank you. After that  we had a reflection on
our day at Okahu Bay with all our sailing instructors. Then we came back to
Glenbrae School in the bus.

I had fun because we went in the deep water and Jesell and I fell over in the
water.  I felt great and want to come back there next May!. A big thank you
to the Rotary Club for making this trip possible for Glenbrae Students.

By Kalolaine

How to make fake blood?

What do you need to make fake blood? Ingredients/Materials: 1. Corn Syrup 2. Red food colouring 3. Yellow or green food colouring 4. ...