Thursday, 16 March 2017


Why is the GI Library an important place in our community?

It is the information centre for the community. The GI Library has thousands of books for people of all different ages. It also has internet access for people to look for information on the world wide web.

Another reason is that, it has enough space to host community meetings for the Pasifika communities in GI. During the Pasifika Language week, different communities come  together at the GI Library to celebrate their language and culture

A further reason is that it host many different programmes for the community during the year. Some of these programmes are holiday reading programmes for school students, Matariki festival highlights, health seminars for parents and community leaders.

If we consider these reason, then one could realise that the GI library is a very important place in our community because it an information hub and meeting centre for our community.

By Sarah

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