Sunday, 19 February 2017

All about me, Anastacia

All about me

My name is Anastacia. I am Samoan and I have two sisters and a brother. I go to Glenbrae school with my sister Anita and I have been in this school for 3 and a half years. I love playing soccer, guitar, piano, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, writing, reading and maths.

I love math because we have to use numbers and learn new things like fraction, timetables, division, addition and subtraction. I love writing because I like using all those punctuations and learning how to write a lot of good stories. I also love reading stories people write.

I love eating healthy  food. I like playing with my friends outside and at school. I really love learning new things and making new friends. When I make new friends I feel really happy and excited.

I love having fun because its the way to get your learning done afterwards (for me). I love singing and dancing because its my passion and that's what God gave to me as a talent.  I love watching DIY'S on you tube because that keeps me organized, clean and healthy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my recount about me and learnt something about me.

By Anastacia


  1. Well done Anastacia. I enjoyed reading about you. Keepup with your blogging.

  2. Hi Anastacia
    I enjoyed reading all about you, and finding out about all the things you love to do and learn. Do you have any favourite authors?

  3. I enjoyed your story because it is very good and. i love reading too and writing. Keep up the good work Anastacia

  4. Hi Anastacia,it's me Ngaire.I like dancing too.Your story is cool and awesome too.I enjoy your story it's nice.

  5. i like your story because it's about what you like,what you like eating,what you like playing and like making new friends

  6. hi my name is konzay and really like your air pollution and you guy help NZ to be safe.

  7. hi my name is konzay and really like your air pollution and you guy help NZ to be safe.

  8. Thank you everyone for beautiful comments !! :)

    Kind Regards,
    Anastacia F.