Monday, 6 February 2017

Room 10's First Swimming Lesson

Thursday was day 2 of school and Room 10 students were all eager to go for a swim. As soon as it was twenty five past nine, Mahoney came and asked me if we were going for a swim. Guess what happened when I said yes. Everyone was so excited and as soon as I asked Room 10 to get ready, all students who had their swimming togs got ready quickly and soon we were on our way to the school  swimming pool.

Our first lesson was on getting in and out of the pool safely and breathing under water. Everyone enjoyed the first session in the pool and were all eager to take on the challenge of getting their swimming togs to school everyday so that they could learn as much as they could.

1 comment:

  1. Room 10 i really enjoyed reading about your swimming lesson story and that was a beautiful neat writing and photo. Good work room 10. keep it up.


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