Sunday, 12 February 2017


Water Fun Day at Glenbrae

Last Friday, we had water fun day at our school.  We quickly got changed into our sports clothes and assembled in our classroom. Then we accompanied Mr. Nath to the netball courts for the whole school assembly. Mrs. Tofa spoke to us about the rules and the different events we were going to take part in.

Our first activity was three legged race with Mr Nath. We had to pick a partner and fill  a cup with water. Then we had to run with our cup of water up to our house bucket that was in the middle of the netball courts and put the  water in it. It was so much fun but we hardly had much water left in our cups when we reached the house bucket.

The second  activity was under and over with Mrs. Ripata. We had to dip a sponge in water and then run to the house bucket and sqeeze the water into it. We all got wet running with the sponge.

After that we did a zig zag relay with cups of water. We had to  tip the water  in the cup into the bin that was in the middle of the netball courts.

Next was the water slide. we had to fill a cup with water and then slide down and tip the water in the cup out into  the bin.

After the water slide activity was the  obstacle race. We had to get some water in a cup and crawl under a chair and then run to the bin to fill it up.

Finally  our last activity was walk the plank. In this  activity we had to get a cup and fill it with water from  a bucket with water  and then run on a plank that was covered with soapy water. It was very challenging and we tried our best to walk across the plank without falling.

Then we all assembled on the netball courts. Mrs. Tofa thanked everyone for participating and announced the winners. Kauri house was the winner for this years water fun day.

Water fun day was fantastic because at the end we had a water balloon fight. My favorite activities were the water slide and the under and over. I had so much fun playing with my classmates and it one was the best day of my life.  

By Ngakiri


  1. Well done Ngakiri. You really covered all the activities you did at the water fun day. Keep up with your good work.

  2. What fantastic writing Ngakiri!! You really thought about what you were writing and added lots of detail to make your writing interesting for the reader!! I am so happy to see that you are still trying hard and working hard at school. Keep up the hard work!!
    Miss Kay

  3. I enjoyed your recount because it had lots of details. It made a beautiful story. Well done

  4. I really enjoyed your
    recount because it was interesting.
    I also enjoyed water fun day.
    good work.