Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kiwi can

Today I went to Kiwi Can. The theme for the lesson was respect and we discussed about respecting our environment. We learnt a new greeting which was Xin Chao. This greeting is from Vietnam.

The activity  for the lesson was game called Krickby that was made up by Telesia. We played this game on the field with a rugby ball using softball like rules.

By Asley

Cinquain Poem about Autumn🌴 🌱 🌿 ☘

🌴 🌱 🌿 ☘
Colours are bright
It’s very very warm
Go outside and have heaps of fun


By Aaliyahna

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can
Today we had our second to last session for point’s at Kiwi can. We first got greeted by Mrs Tuia.

The catchphrase was “Respect this place, Treat it like your own, At the end of the day, It’s where we call home”

Our topic was respect for our environment and our theme was respect. We talked about what respect meant to us. Then we went straight onto our activity. Our Activity was Telesia’s game. Telesia’s game was called Crickby. Then we came back into the classroom and did the points. We got 25. After that we headed back to the class for lunch.

By Trent
Kiwi Can

For todays lesson we started with something different. We didn't have a energiser. Instead we played a game which we made last week. The game was called Crickby which was played outside. It's like softball but played with a rugby ball. We spent a lot of time playing until someone won. At last we had to go back into our  Kiwi can room and continue our lesson. Todays Kiwi cans catchphrase was " Respect this place, Treat it like you own, At the end of the day, It's where we call home. 

I enjoyed this Kiwi can lesson because the game was fun and there were no issues.

By Davarni

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Room 8 Djembers

During terms 2 and 3 Room 8 had been studying about the evolution of music across cultures and time. Our class decided to create a piece of music using Djembe drums, tambourines and maracas. Watch our movie and tell us what you think about it.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kiwi Can

Today Room 8 and I went to Kiwi Can session in Room 11.

When we were in Room 11 we got into a big circle and then they told us what our catch phrase was and it was "Kiwi Can says Our community is for you and me Respecting each other Is the place to be. Then we played our Energizer which was Rubbish Relay, In Rubbish relay we got split into 2 groups and then we went outside and we had to get the rubbish into the bin. After that we talked about Community  and then we did  our Activity which was designing Thank you Cards.  The thank you cards were for our Community. After our Activity we sat back down and then went to class.

I enjoyed this Kiwi Can session because we talked about our Community and i love the games we played.

By Salote

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kiwi Can

Today, was Kiwi Can!

Our topic was Community. Community to me means that everyone has something in common and we live together  and  look after each other.

Our catchphrase for Community was  -  “Kiwi Can says Our Community Is for you and me , Respect each  other It Is the place to be.’’

Our energizer was rubbish relay's. We had to get into two teams and line up behind the cones and try and throw the scrunched up paper into the bin.

Our activity was designing thank you  cards for our community. We had to draw what was important to you us in our Community.

We had a lot fun doing the energizer and the activity.

Image result for Kiwi Can!

By Jessie

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Kids' Health

Kid's Health👍🏽

This is part of my reading, it is all about Kid's Health. I decided to use graphics so it would be more understanding. Stay tuned for all my other Kid's Health's Google Drawings.

By Aaliyahna

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Kiwi Sport

Kiwi Sport - Softball

Today we had our second session of softball with our coach. The whole lesson was about batting which is the funnest part about softball. We started off with a warm up and then played a game similar to real softball. The coach taught a chant about batting the ball. We were split into two groups. Before the game we had some safety rules for batting.
The rulles were….
  • Check your Surroundings
  • Don't throw the bat
  • Don't swing the bat

She also taught us a chant on batting which is…
  • Door knocking knuckles
  • Bat by your ears
  • Eye on the ball
  • Step on the bug
  • Squish the bug
  • Swot the fly.
That chant really helped to bat well. The game was really really fun but unfortunately the team that I was in lost 49 to 31. At the end Maselino said thank you and we went back to class

By Telesia