Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can
Today we had our second to last session for point’s at Kiwi can. We first got greeted by Mrs Tuia.

The catchphrase was “Respect this place, Treat it like your own, At the end of the day, It’s where we call home”

Our topic was respect for our environment and our theme was respect. We talked about what respect meant to us. Then we went straight onto our activity. Our Activity was Telesia’s game. Telesia’s game was called Crickby. Then we came back into the classroom and did the points. We got 25. After that we headed back to the class for lunch.

By Trent


  1. Nice Work Trent! I like how you had a lot of details about Kiwi Can! Keep up with the good Work!

  2. nice one Trent. i like the way you did the catchphrase
    and how you did the story.keep up the good work.


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