Saturday, 5 November 2016

Kiwi Can

Today Room 8 and I went to Kiwi Can session in Room 11.

When we were in Room 11 we got into a big circle and then they told us what our catch phrase was and it was "Kiwi Can says Our community is for you and me Respecting each other Is the place to be. Then we played our Energizer which was Rubbish Relay, In Rubbish relay we got split into 2 groups and then we went outside and we had to get the rubbish into the bin. After that we talked about Community  and then we did  our Activity which was designing Thank you Cards.  The thank you cards were for our Community. After our Activity we sat back down and then went to class.

I enjoyed this Kiwi Can session because we talked about our Community and i love the games we played.

By Salote

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