Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Kiwi Sport

KIwi Sport - Softball

During Softball today, we learnt the rules of the game. There were two teams. One team was fielding and the other was batting.  My group fielded first. then we swapped over. To remember how to hit the ball, we made up a chant...

"Door knocking knuckles, bat by your ear, eyes on the ball, stomp on the bug, squish the bug, then swat the fly."

The rules while using the bat:

  • Look around your surroundings before swinging the bat.
  • Don't throw the bat.
  • Don't run with the bat.
  • Don’t use the bat until the coach tells us too.
  • And definitely do not hit anyone with it!

Our team won in the end with 49 points, and the other team got 31 points. I felt very excited to hit the ball, that’s probably why I missed it twice. But I still got the chance to run around all the bases two times. And I was kind of proud of that. I had a lot of fun, and I hope my class had fun too.

... ISF fastpitch softball.

By Shannon

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  1. I am so impressed Shannon. It is good to read that you enjoyed the game and you have remembered the rules. Well done.


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