Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Recount - A trip to the Auckland Art Gallery

A trip to the Auckland Art Gallery

Two weeks ago our senior school went on a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery. When we got there we split up into groups.

Geeva,  one of the facilitators at the Art Gallery  took us on our first tour through the gallery. We stopped in the art room, and had a lesson on sketching. We sketched about things we were interested in. It was fun.

After that, we all sat outside under the trees to have morning tea with our teachers and friends.Then we got ready for our second session.

Jackson, who was our next guide,took our class to look at  an exhibition by Judy Darrah. Judy loved anything to do with space. Her exhibition had big oval objects hanging from a piece of wire, which were colourful and had sparkling jewels which shone in the light. They looked like giant meteorites from outer space. Soon after, we were looked at paintings by Goldie. Goldie was fascinated by Maori people, and their traditions, which explained why he painted Maori people.

The day ended with each group taking a tour of their own throughout the gallery, and then meeting up to depart back to school. I really enjoyed the trip to the art gallery because I saw so many exciting work of art and learnt a lot about some New Zealand artists.                                                                               

By Vainikolo

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  1. This is a very great recount on your trip to the art gallery. I liked how you used a lot of describing words. KEEP IT UP!


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