Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Rata Tree, Danny

Rata tree

This is the whole Rata tree and there is another name for the Rata tree it is Pohutukawa.
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Facts about the Rata tree:  

  • The Rata can grow up to 25 metres and the tree is 2.5 metre wide.

  • Native birds such as the Tui, Bellbird and Kaka all benefit from the presence of Rata trees in the forest. (Metrosideros robusta) is one of New Zealand’s tallest flowering Plants

  • These two Rata are amongst the best known of New Zealand trees because  the northern rata is found in coastal to lower montane forests.

  • People use the Rata tree as a christmas tree because it is tall, wide and it is the right size for a christmas parties.

  • The Rata tree can stay alive over 1000 years. That will be the time when us human beings will not be alive.
  • The pohutukawa tree has bigger leaves than the rata tree.

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  1. Thank you Mr Nath for putting up my Facts about the Rata tree on your blog. I really appreciate that you have been reading our blogs and started checking it and I like to say thank you.
    By Danny


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