Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Favourite Person, Telesia

My Favourite Person

My mum is my  best friend because she does everything she can to help us. She helps us with everything we do and she teaches us how to do things we do not know.

Her name is Nolini and she is very pretty. My mum is a very busy lady. She has to cook for 15 people including herself. My Mum is not that tall but she is very good at Maths. She taught me all of my times tables when I was in year 3.

She is 40 years old, she is fun and she was raised in Tonga. When she  was 18 she met a guy called Vikilani Ma’asi. I call him dad. When she was
about 20 years old she had my older sister Lucinda.
My mum is the oldest in her family and her sisters still live in New Zealand. Her little sisters’ names are Soco and Lily. Her mum Gula lives in New Zealand. I call her Nana.

My mum is a loving and caring person and even though she has so much to do in one day she still finds time to love me.

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By Telesia

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  1. Well done Telesia. This is a very good description of your mum. I would say that you have a Super Mum who can do so much for so many of you and yet find time for you.