Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Recount, Vainikolo

WALT: write a recount on our Kiwi Sports session

                          Snag Golf
Today we played snag golf in the school hall with Danny who was our coach. He taught us how to use a putter to hit a tennis ball over the snag board.

First, we had to hold the putter correctly. Then we had to stand in the hoop with our feet pointing towards the putting board. We had to swing the putter in a tik tok motion like the clock and then hit the ball softly over the snag board.

After that we had a small competition to practice the skills we had learnt. It was fun competing against each other and we all enjoyed the first session of snag golf with coach Danny.

By Vainikolo

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vainikolo, I like how you described this event, I can imagine you having a lot of fun playing. I still remember the competitions we had as well. This was a great story about Snag Golf, keep it up!


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