Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 10's Creative Club

For the last two terms, students have been doing club activities on every Thursday after lunch.  Members of the Singing club, Ukulele club and the Djembe drumming in Room 10 got together and made a movie on what they had learnt. We hope you enjoy our movie.


  1. WOW!!! yous did great and I enjoyed it

  2. Hi Room 10,
    My name is Mikaela and I am a Year 7 intermediate student attending St Pius X School.
    I really enjoyed your singing and performance. You guys must of learnt lots about playing the ukulele and drums.


  3. Hi Room 10,
    My name is Joseph and I really like this song, it shows that you have confidence next time try to speak and sing a little louder but its still the best singing ive heard,
    From Joseph SPX NU'U

  4. Talofalava Roomm 10,
    This film was something I was excited about because i'm really into music and I love hearing people sing. I wish that this music was pumping and had that nice feel to it but i was really not feeling it in here. My feed back to you room 10 is that next time put some pumping music and pumping voices, there were some parts in here that I do really love, but always make sure that it had the pumping music and voices. Keep that singing up and the hard work God Bless room 10 until next time. If you want to cheek out more heres a link to my class blog

  5. Kia Ora Room 10
    I really enjoyed your classrooms movie. I really like hearing the children sing as a group. I also liked how there was some people using the instruments it made the movie more entertaining. Wonderful movie room 10!

  6. Hi Room 10,

    I liked the singing and the drums because I love drums to

    Thank you for sharing your movie on your blog

    From jade at pt England school

  7. thank you mr nath we did well thank you jade that nice

  8. thank you mr nath we did well thank you jade that awesome


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