Thursday, 3 August 2017


Yesterday we had our first club activities for Term 3 in Room 9 with Mrs Sigamoney and Ms. Elia. I went to the Ukulele club.

First we had to tune our own ukulele with the tuner.  When it was my turn to put the tuner on my ukulele, I only used the tuner to tune the first string and then I was able to tune the rest of the strings by myself because it was  hard to use the tuner.

I felt very excited and happy to learn  how to play a ukulele because then I will know how to play a ukulele at home. When I knew how to play I was cheerful because Luisa and Cherise were cheering me up when I was playing the ukulele.

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By Candice


  1. It seems that you had a good time during your clubs yesterday Candice. I really hope that you will become very good at playing a Ukulele by the end of this term. Then you can join the drumming club with your ukulele and we could perform for the school.

  2. nice i really like your work