Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My Family

My Family

There are six people in my family. They are my mum, dad, three older brothers and me.

My dad’s name is Amipa and my mum’s name is Mele. My older brothers are Tevita, Edward and Vainikolo and I am Lesieli.

My dad works as a handyman and he makes furniture and repairs houses while my mum works as baker at the Skytower in Auckland City.  My older siblings and I are students.

In his spare time my dad likes watching  tv and supervises us with our housework while my mum is away at work.  My mum likes sleeping in her spare time because she works at night and is usually tired. She also likes visiting our relatives in her spare time.

My brother Vainikolo is funny but sometimes gets in trouble. My  brother Edward lives  in Australia with my cousin and he is very funny as well. My  brother Tevita is sometimes bossy and sometimes he is  kind.

I like my family very much because they all look after me.

By Lesieli

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