Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can

Room 10 had its last session with Kiwi Can for this term. All students were very eager to go and participate in the activities because they scored 25 points out of 25 last week.

The energiser activity was called Body parts. The students had to walk around and then when the name of a body par was called out, they had to buddy up and match the body parts with their buddy. Students had a lot of fun doing this activity.

After the energiser, the main activity was called bus stop. For this activity, students worked in pairs and they  had to write down names of six different things beginning with a letter from the alphabet as shown in the table below. As soon their list was complete, they had to call out “Bus Stop”. Then everyone stopped writing and listened to the list of names read out by the pair  that called out “Bus Stop”.

Everyone enjoyed this activity because it really made us think very hard to name things beginning with different letters from the alphabet. We all learned so much from this activity.

Name of Boy
Name of Girl
Name of a colour
Name of food
Name of animal
Name of a Place
Dark red

Towards the end of the lesson, Maya thanked Mr. Niumia and Ms. Tuia for their hard work in keeping Room 10 busy during the Kiwi Can sessions.

We all came back to our classroom very happy and energised.

IMG_2227.JPG                                            IMG_2228.JPG

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Soil Erosion

                  What Is Soil Erosion?
Donga system, soil erosion | Ithala game reserve | Vince Smith ...
Soil erosion is a process that affects all landforms. In  agriculture soil erosion refers to the wearing away of a fields topsoil by the  forces of water  and wind  or through forces associated with farming activities such as tillage or ploughing.

By Iki

Monday, 10 April 2017

My Family

My Family

There are six people in my family. They are my mum, dad, three older brothers and me.

My dad’s name is Amipa and my mum’s name is Mele. My older brothers are Tevita, Edward and Vainikolo and I am Lesieli.

My dad works as a handyman and he makes furniture and repairs houses while my mum works as baker at the Skytower in Auckland City.  My older siblings and I are students.

In his spare time my dad likes watching  tv and supervises us with our housework while my mum is away at work.  My mum likes sleeping in her spare time because she works at night and is usually tired. She also likes visiting our relatives in her spare time.

My brother Vainikolo is funny but sometimes gets in trouble. My  brother Edward lives  in Australia with my cousin and he is very funny as well. My  brother Tevita is sometimes bossy and sometimes he is  kind.

I like my family very much because they all look after me.

By Lesieli