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Catch that thief

Long ago, there were four teenagers that lived together in a secret hide out and their names were Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg.

All 4 teenagers were like ninjas, but there was a super Villain that tried to stop the four ninjas and take over the world. His name was Deathstroke. Deathstroke was very bad and he was always trying to kill the president but the 4 ninjas were always there to stop him. But then Deathstroke had a plan. His plan was to steal the power cell to transfer the power to himself so he could be INDESTRUCTIBLE. Deathstroke sneaked into the power room but he did not know he had crossed the red laser. The alarm went on. Then the 4 ninjas came out of nowhere and took him to the police. The police locked him in jail. Officer Wills Said,’’You are going to be in jail for a lifetime”.  

Seven years later, the 4 teenagers  became adults and  the police discovered that Deathstroke was not in his cell. “Look there is a hole, he must have escaped from jail,” said officer Will. The 4 ninjas rushed to the power cell room but the power room was locked. Cyborg used his laser to melt the door. When they opened the door, the power cell was replaced with a bomb. The bomb blew up 5 seconds after they opened the door. BOOM.

Starfire and Robin were injured very badly. Starfire ended up with a broken leg and a broken arm and Robin ended up with broken a arm and two big pieces of glass landed on his leg. It was up to Beast Boy and Cyborg to stop Deathstroke. Beast boy and Cyborg used the police GPS to track Deathstroke. When they found Deathstroke, Cyborg and Beastboy had a plan to baricade his house with iron bars. Beast boy and Cyborg went inside the house to fight Deathstroke. Deathstroke had another bomb.  Then Beast Boy said, “Cyborg, go and get the power cell and get out of here’’.
“No get out of here,” said Beast boy.  When Cyborg melted the iron bars and flew away, the house blew up and Deathstroke died. When Cyborg went to give the power cell to the president he went straight to Beast boy  to check if he was still breathing. Five minutes later, Beast boy woke up with lots of pain. He was rushed to the hospital.  The doctors said that Beast Boy has to go through surgery . Beastboy had to stay in hospital for three months.  

When Starfire, Robin and Beast boy came out of the hospital, the four ninjas went to the President and got 1 million dollars as their prize. After that, the four ninjas flew to New Zealand and got 3 million dollars
from John Key. The four ninjas decided to live in New Zealand and the four ninjas lived happily ever after but not Deathstroke.        Image result for teen titans go cyborg transparent                                       
Cyborg      Robin      Beast Boy    Starfire

By Siosaia


  1. Well done Siosaia, I really enjoyed reading your recount.

  2. Well done Saia. I enjoyed reading your story. I think that you had some great ideas in your story.


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