Sunday, 16 October 2016

Kiwi Can

Today was the first Kiwi Can session of the Term.

Our Kiwi can Leaders, Mr Numia and Mrs Tuia told us our Catchphrase which was "Kiwi Can says, I show Respect, you should to, Respecting our school, Is what we do. The topic was Respect and we also talked about Core Values -  Integrity, Honesty, Truth and Caring.  The Energizer and Activity was based on the 4 Values

I felt very happy and had a lot of fun with Kiwi Can and i enjoyed our Kiwi Can session.

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By Salote


  1. Wow Salote, you really remembered the catch phrase. Well done. Hope next weeks lesson will be fun of fun activities.

  2. Well done Salote looks like you had a lot of fun in kiwi can today.


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