Thursday, 8 September 2016

Netball with Auckland Netball

Netball Series with Auckland Netball

For the last few months lots of school have been participating in Netball at the Auckland Netball Courts.
Just last week there was a Prize giving ceremony for all the schools that had participated. Prizes were given to teams that had either come first, second or third, but the good thing was  that everyone acted well.

Glenbrae was put into E group and we came first in our.  We were so excited and filled with lots of enthusiasm. After receiving our certificates and badges we had our team photo taken

By Aaliyahna


  1. Well done Aaliyahna for doing so well for the Glenbrae Netball team. It was so thrilling to watrch you play so well and winning your game each time you played.

  2. WoW Aaliyahna nice job of explaining our prize giving you really did do well during the netball games


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