Monday, 29 August 2016

Glenbrae Cultural Festival

Glenbrae School's Cultural / Music Festival

During the night of Thursday 25th of August 2016, Glenbrae School presented their performances based on music and culture to everyone who came, including parents, family members of ours or maybe friends of staff. Everyone and anyone was invited to come and watch.

All classes took part in these performances. We had a lot of rehearsals as each class, and groups such as the Kapa-Haka group, the Samoan group, the Tongan group and the Cook Island group had to perform. Then we had two rehearsals with the whole School, so we knew what to do and say. The Kapa-Haka group kicked off the festival with their amazing performance. Then the Juniors performed their cute and funny dances. 

Finally, it was  our class's turn to perform. Our class played the  drums, tambourine's and shakers. The drums we used looked kinda of like the  Djembe Drums from Africa. 

Image result for djembe

The drummers sat in a semi-circle formation, while the shakers and tambourine players stood behind them. Mr. Nath (Our Teacher) also played the drums. I played the tambourine. One of our class members played the bass and kept everyone in the correct beat and rhythm.  The students playing the shakers just hit them continuously against their own hand. The beat was magnificent to my ears. 

As we got into it and started to have fun, our teacher started to dance causing other teachers and parents to dance as well. One of the staff members came up on stage and started dancing with Mr. Nath, while everyone  laughed their heads off. 

After all, we had the last group to perform, which was also the biggest.. The Cook Island group! First, the smaller children performed their Cook Island dance. A lot of people were cheering them on. Then the older classes came on stage and showed us their fantastic dance. There were also Cook Island drummers which made the dance more exciting!

We had this festival so we could raise some money for our own outfits. The ones we were using weren't ours. There were a lot of parents who donated some money for our cultural costumes and that was great! We're very thankful. That night was  definitely a night to remember. It was super fun to experience watching different dances from different cultures and some of us weren't even a part of that culture, so I'm super proud that we gave the dances a try and entertained others.

By Shannon

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