Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fair Play and Good Conduct

Fair Play and good conduct

WALHT:  play fairly and behave  on the field

This week we have been learning about  fair play and how to behave on the playground.

Some of the things we have been learning about  fair play are:
  • Following the rules of the game
  • Respecting others
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Working together as a team
  • Communicating and solving problems in a  peaceful  way
  • Make sure everyone is included in the game
  • Being honest
  • Giving of your best while playing
  • Being a good winner and a good loser

I feel this Rugby player has  the qualities of a fair player and  conducts himself very
well on the playground.  

By Vainikolo


  1. Well done Vainikolo. You have made a good summary of what we learnt in class about fair paly and good conduct on the field. Keep up with your good work.

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  3. Terrific work Vainikolo. I really like how you wrote this. Keep it up.


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