Thursday, 12 May 2016

Accidental Plastics

Accidental Plastics
By: Kate Potter

From your toothbrush to your television, Plastic products are used nearly everywhere.  “Plastic” means it’s easy to bend or mould into different shapes. It’s difficult to imagine life without these non-natural materials compounds.

In 1863, a company selling billiard balls offered $10,000 to  any person who could come up with the best material to use and make Billiard balls. At that time the billiard balls were made from elephant tusk ivory.

There is a layer of plastic between 2 layers of glass means that, even if the windscreen cracks, all of the pieces of the glass will stay together.All of these world - changing plastics were discovered by accident.

When scientist do an experiment and when it goes wrong the scientist doesn't say that it went wrong, instead scientists are always on the lookout for new connections.

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