Friday, 13 May 2016

Accidental Plastics by Kate Potter

Accidental Plastics by Kate Potter

By reading this article I found out that thinks can be invented with plastics.  There are a few people who invented things made from plastic.

Plastic literally means easy to bend or mould into different shapes. Plastic was discovered in the mid 1800s. First a man named John Wesley Hyatt invented a celluloid in 1869. Secondly, a man named Edouard Benedictus invented a safety glass.

How he made a safety glass by hitting a flask was by  accident. He noticed that after the flask had fallen and banged on to the floor, it would stay in one place so he stayed up all night working how to make a safety glass.

And last a scientist named Alan Holloway made blue tack in 1970. unnamed.png

By Tamati

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