Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Day 1- 2017

Wow - What a day with so many children turning for classes to begin the 2017 academic year. This year I am in Room 10 with a year 5 & 6 class of bubbling and enthusiastic learners who are so energetic and eager to learn.

Today we were able to set our learning goals and have a korero about our school and class matrix. We also welcomed Dyson, a new boy to our class. He has settled down so well with everyone and has managed to purchase his chromebook today. Four other students also got their chromebooks as well today.

I have to work extra hard to upgrade my class site and blog as well so that we could share all our  learning with everyone.

I am really looking forward to get all the students back in my class soon.

Day 1 - Room 10,  2017