Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Kiwi Sport

KIwi Sport - Softball

During Softball today, we learnt the rules of the game. There were two teams. One team was fielding and the other was batting.  My group fielded first. then we swapped over. To remember how to hit the ball, we made up a chant...

"Door knocking knuckles, bat by your ear, eyes on the ball, stomp on the bug, squish the bug, then swat the fly."

The rules while using the bat:

  • Look around your surroundings before swinging the bat.
  • Don't throw the bat.
  • Don't run with the bat.
  • Don’t use the bat until the coach tells us too.
  • And definitely do not hit anyone with it!

Our team won in the end with 49 points, and the other team got 31 points. I felt very excited to hit the ball, that’s probably why I missed it twice. But I still got the chance to run around all the bases two times. And I was kind of proud of that. I had a lot of fun, and I hope my class had fun too.

... ISF fastpitch softball.

By Shannon

Kiwi Sport

Kiwi Sport - Softball

For todays Kiwi Sport we had Softball. We played a quick warm up game. Then we played another game called Skatter Ball. It was simple. There were 2 teams. One team  battied and the other one was fielding. My team was fielding. After everyone had a turn batting, it was our turn. For batting, there were 6 simple rules to remember. Those rules were:
  • Door knocking knuckles
  • Bat by your ear
  • Eye on the ball
  • Step on the bug
  • Squish the bug
  • And swat the fly.

The safety rules we had to follow were:
  • Check your surroundings
  • Do not throw the bat down
  • Only get the bat when the coach asks you to.

This is  what we had for softball today. I really enjoyed playing with my classmates.

Softball, Outside, Ball ...

By Davarni

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Trip to Te Tuhi

Trip to the Art Gallery

Today Room 8 went to the Te Tuhi Art Gallery in Pakuranga. We first went to the Art  room for the Art Lesson with Charlotte. The instructor asked us to  draw 2 technologies we used  now and 2 technologies we used in the olden days.

Next we went around the Art Gallery to look at some hidden Art Work. Then we went outside to see this tall sculpture. After that she sat us down in a small spot and talked to us about the sculpture outside. Soon after that we thanked Charlotte and came back to school.

By Davarni

Healthy Tiria Kai

Healthy Tiria Kai

Today, we had a healthy shared lunch for the whole School at Glenbrae School. Room 8 prepared a Rainbow 5 plus Salad that had Lettuce, Carrots, Capsicum, Oranges, Apples, Red Onions and Tomatoes in it.

The other classes prepared Chicken Roti wraps, Fruit kebab, Sandwich, Rainbow Salad, Pumpkin soup, Corn fritter,Vege sticks and Hummus. Some of our parents were also there. After the shared lunch, some of us helped with cleaning up the hall.

The best food I enjoyed was Chicken Roti wrap, Tuna Sandwich and the pumpkin soup.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Kiwi Can

Today we had our first kiwi can session for the term.The catch phrase was "Kiwi can says I show respect you should to, respecting our school is what we do"  The Topic was Respect and we  talked about core values which is Honesty, Truth, Caring and Integrity. The Energiser and the activity was based on the 4 core values which was very fun and full of excitement. We finished of by doing our short chant and left the room quietly.

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By Telesia

Kiwi Can

Today was the first Kiwi Can session of the Term.

Our Kiwi can Leaders, Mr Numia and Mrs Tuia told us our Catchphrase which was "Kiwi Can says, I show Respect, you should to, Respecting our school, Is what we do. The topic was Respect and we also talked about Core Values -  Integrity, Honesty, Truth and Caring.  The Energizer and Activity was based on the 4 Values

I felt very happy and had a lot of fun with Kiwi Can and i enjoyed our Kiwi Can session.

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By Salote

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can
Today we went to our first Kiwi Can lesson. We learnt about the  four core  values called  respect, integrity, honesty and caring.

The lesson was started with an energiser..Then we went outside for a game on the four core values. When we came inside, we got in groups and did a skit on each of the four core values.

The  catchphrase for the lesson  was “Kiwi Can says, I show respect, you should too,  respecting our school is what we do”  At the end we sang our short goodbye song.

By Ashley